Der Frische Bäcker Reffeling

After only one night of dispatching the system was up and running

The stories of some bakeries are unusual, but the one of Bakery Reffeling is very special. The bakery was founded in 1899 in Goch.

After the war, the bakery initially specialized as a delivery business, also doing business as “Joseph’s Bakery” for the British Air Force stationed in Goch, before it began to branch out in 1979. In 1985, the current managing director Joachim Reffeling passed his master craftsman’s examination and the family business continued to expand successfully. First-class quality of artisan baking, freshness and locality stand for the Bakery Reffeling, so it is no wonder that four of today’s nine outlets are in the city of Goch.

In February 2020, the entire bakery including the new outlet with drive-in counter moved to the new headquarters on Hervorster Strasse in Goch. The new bakery was designed with shipping and order-picking systems in mind. After visiting another user, the decision was made in favour of Pcdata.

In May 2020 the paperless picking system Distrib was installed in the new plant. Mr. Christian Brenker remembers, when he asked the Pcdata staff at the beginning of the commissioning process how long it would take to get the system up and running. He said “one day”, which he could not believe, but that’s exactly how it was, after only one night of dispatching the system was up and running. He is also full of praise for the Pcdata engineer who carried out the commissioning on site: “a real expert who was able to answer all questions competently and quickly”.

Raffael Piechotta, shipping manager, is also enthusiastic about the system. “A major advantage is that we hardly need any paper anymore. In the past, colleagues would forget to check off a product, but that can’t happen anymore. It is practically impossible to make mistakes anymore. The system is easy to handle, new employees learn the system in 5 minutes, a quick training and they can start right away”. He pays special attention every day to the status bar on the displays of the outlets and customers. Here, a dynamic status bar shows what percentage of the order has been completed. At a glance you can see on the dispatching screen where something is still missing or needs to be reworked. Of course, he is only satisfied when there is 100% everywhere.