Kronenbrot KG Franz Mainz KG is a reputed family-owned business, which is highly appreciated in North Rhine-Westphalia and neighbouring states for its freshly baked and award-winning bread and bakery products. From bakeries in Würselen near Aachen as well as in Cologne and Witten, it supplies 3,000 trading partners with freshly prepared products each day. Thus, Kronenbrot is the market leader for bread and bakery products in North Rhine-Westphalia. The products are also appreciated in Rhineland-Palatinate, Belgium, the Netherlands.

The common history of Pcdata and Kronenbrot already dates back into the last century. Since many years, the company is using the „Distrib Put to Light“ system in its production and distribution facilities.

Based on the upcoming changes in the production and robust growth in delivery volumes, Kronenbrot has now decided to upgrade and expand its existing „Distrib Put to Light“ systems. Some of the installations are already 17 or 18 years old and are being replaced with completely new hardware.

In the course of the last few months Kronenbrot has already decided to upgrade the software versions of all installations to the latest software release Distrib4.14 from Pcdata, Kronenbrot will not only be able to make these transformations and replacement of the system hardware far easier, but it will also provide Kronenbrot dozens of options to continue the integration of the systems both internally between sites as well as in their ERP environment. Moreover, some of the key benefits of newer software versions are now accessible, which means that Kronenbrot can further improve its delivery operations.



The result: maximum customer-satisfaction and minimised costs

for optimum competitiveness

Distrib Put to Light

Pcdata’s Distrib is the industry standard for paperless dispatching and order tracking. Pcdata‘s Distrib replaces the traditional paper-based dispatch systems for collecting customer and order data that is required for loading and shipment of the products to the customers. Put to Light has proven itself in improving the accuracy in order processing and productivity in dispatch. Thanks to its modular design Distrib facilitates adaptation of the technology to the level of your company.