De Tuinen chooses Pcdata to collect their Webshop-orders

By 9 September 2015Media
De Tuinen

Since 2015 retailer De Tuinen collects web orders using paperless Pcdata systems. Due to the growth of their
e-commerce business De Tuinen will set up a new logistic system within their distribution center in Beverwijk. Pcdata will install the entire system ensuring that all online orders will be processed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Since parent company Holland & Barrett has been using Pcdata order fulfillment systems for years now and with great success and due to Pcdata’s expertise in e-commerce and web shops De Tuinen also selects Pcdata.

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In the coming months De Tuinen will change its name to parent company Holland & Barrett. Essenza the Belgian sister company will do the same. Also all Essenza Web orders are processed using the Pcdata system in Beverwijk.

Currently De Tuinen uses Pcdata Pickcarts to pick all web orders. PickCarts are easy to integrate with an existing operation and at the same time support picking multiple orders concurrently. This makes it the perfect order pick technology for many E-Commerce operations.

Pcdata PickCarts will once again be part of the order fulfillment system. This time they will be used in combination with a pick to light zone picking system for frequently picked products (> 1,000 products). Pcdata also delivers the warehouse racking systems to keep over 10,000 different items in stock. The various pick zones and technologies are connected using an intelligent conveyor-belt system. After the orders are picked the conveyor belt system transports the orders to another level where the orders will be sorted to the right packing table and packed making them ship ready.

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