Fazer bakeries from Finland has been using the Distrib paperless WMS solution for bakeries through their subsidiaries in Baltic states for many years now. Due to a strategic change, Fazer wanted to integrate the Estonian order picking in their Latvian site.

Within this bakery, in the region of Riga, a Distrib Put to Light system was installed a number of years ago. As part of the integration of Estonian orders, the existing system was upgraded to the latest version of the software and expanded where necessary. Now, the system is used twice a day, first picking all orders for distribution in Estonia and then in a 2nd picking wave, the orders for Latvian customers are picked.

The system is capable of dealing with specific Estonian and Latvian requirements without the need to program customer specific functionality. As part of the upgrade, pcdata’s Distrib Performance Manager module was also installed, providing Fazer management with invaluable information on their picking process, overall performance etc.

After a detailed engineering phase, clearly mapping out system and customer’s requirements, the system was configured and after a successful testing phase, implemented in a live environment. According to Mr. Māris Rodins, Senior Manager, Logistics and Sourcing, the project was completed with „active and really valuable involvement’’, making this project a success.


December 2015