About Pcdata

Logistics Automation

Established in 1988 in the Netherlands by 2 entrepreneurial graduate engineers, Pcdata’s budding start came developing solutions to facilitate the distribution of product for industrial bakeries. The use of Pcdata’s Pick- and Put-to-Light solutions in bakery shipping has since become the standard way of order filling in many areas around the world.

Quickly it became apparent that the knowledge gained in baking of how to move product quickly, efficiently and accurately through a warehouse, was very valuable and applicable to many other industries. In the late 1990’s Pcdata started its geographic and demographic expansion. In the beginning the projects more closely related to baking – flower vegetable and other perishable goods distribution – but quickly completely different industries, such as airline catering, food services, cosmetics, 3PL, CD and book distribution just to name a few.


With the advent of the internet we have seen a steady rise in demand for e-commerce business. It is interesting to note that as customers are starting to expect shorter and shorter delivery times, this e-commerce distribution is starting to resemble perishable goods distribution more and more.

Today, Pcdata truly is a global leader in logistics automation systems for consumer goods, and partner of choice in the industrial bakery world. With over 1000 systems installed across the globe, in more than 35 countries – including over 200 systems in North America, we work with some of the most prestigious brands around the world. Pcdata has over a quarter century of experience developing, manufacturing and implementing warehouse optimization and tracking and tracing solutions.

Head office The Netherlands

Wiebachstraat 32
6466 NG, Kerkrade
Phone: +31 45 544 2343
Fax: +31 45 544 4424

U.S. Office

29 Kripes Road
East Granby, CT 06026
Toll free +1 855 844-1086
Fax +1 860 844-1243

Latin America Office

Calle Privada Lluis Mondragon 16
Colonia Del Carmen, Delegación Coyoacán
CP 04100, Mexico DF
Phone +52 55 6308 8834

What we stand for

Quality, effective efficiency and innovation are key Pcdata concepts.


Challenge everything! Pcdata wants to constantly develop and be innovative in the area of Put-to-light and Pick-to-light. That is why we spend over 30% of our annual turnover on R&D. We develop and manufacture or own hardware and software. We apply innovative concepts from one industry into others, where appropriate. We offer a both off the shelf, flexible and easy to implement order picking and inventory management solutions as well as tailor-made concepts based on individual needs.


We offer the highest-quality products and solutions and want to be known as a reliable partner to our customers in the field of Logistics Automation. Our employees are our most valuable asset, it is their dedication to excellence in what they do, that gives Pcdata its competitive edge. We employ a number of Lean Six Sigma Black belts and certify all our employees to Green Belt level, as we believe in ‘practice what you preach’.

Effective efficiency

Our solutions are field proven and our record speaks for itself. We pride ourselves in the fact there we haven’t had a single customer who hasn’t continued with Pcdata after an initial trial installation. We feel this speaks volumes about our ability to develop reliable solutions that are proven effective in reducing cost and improving accuracy.

Pcdata: The Right Product, At The Right Place, At The Right Time

Mission statement

Being a reliable partner of choice in visual order picking solutions like Put-to-Light and Pick-to-Light systems. Offer high-quality, innovative, easy-to-implement and affordable logistics solutions worldwide and stay the global leader of distribution optimization solutions and services for the distribution industry.

Facts & Figures

 -Established in 1988 in the Netherlands, Pcdata is the original & largest provider of paperless distribution solutions for industrial bakers around the globe and has expanded into multiple industries around the world
– Headquartered in the Netherlands, Pcdata also has a dedicated sales and support office for the North American market based in Connecticut
– Over 1000 systems installed worldwide, in more than 35 countries
– North American market leader with more than 200 installations
– Strong lean Six Sigma focus
– Continuous innovation
– High quality products
– A reliable partner in the field of logistics automation
– Support before, during and after the sale