Capturing Production

Not delivering what was ordered is costly to correct and damages the image of a company. Extra time and effort must be spent to correct the situation and the damage to customer satisfaction may not be repairable.  Frequently additional products needs to be shipped at an expedited cost. It is not always clear why the customer didn’t receive what they ordered. Perhaps the product was not produced or shipped to the wrong address; perhaps it was stolen.

Pcdata’s capturing production solutions are integrated to allow 100% tracking and tracing of produced goods, from the end of the production line through to the final destination.

  • Prioritization of production against orders is set along rules customizable in the software.
  • Operators dispatch much more efficiently and accurately. Actions guided by lights or voice technology.
  • Finished stacks / racks are tagged and automatically scanned on and off the trucks validating what was dispatched and what arrived at the final destination.

Pcdata offers several products to solve these challenges starting with a production count in the Distrib WMS Suite, Dock Manager  and Proof of Delivery.