EQuipment Tracking solution (EQT)

Loss of Material Handling Equipment (MHE) is one of the most significant issues facing the baking industry today. Millions of dollars are lost annually in baskets, trays and racks.

Most tracking solutions are too expensive because there are so many units that require tracking. As is the case with most breakthrough solutions, Pcdata’s EQuipment tracking solution (EQT) is a spinoff from solving a related, yet different challenge.

Through logistics automation solutions Pcdata traces products to its final delivery point. The technology tracks exactly how many units were shipped to any given delivery point; during product drops, the drivers confirm the amount of product and the MHE delivered at a site are also tracked through Pcdata’s EQT handheld application. The driver then uses the same handheld unit to enter how many empty dollies, baskets, trays, and racks are loaded onto the truck. The cost of equipment loss is eliminated.


Proof of Delivery - Load Manifest is Scanned