Floor Space utilisation

Distrib Location Manager

Customer orders for bakeries vary day by day; not all customers order their products every day and no customer orders the same varieties and amounts every day. Managing the variances required in fluctuating floor space every day may seem like an impossible task. Too often warehouse managers see themselves running out of available space.

When bakery sales departments want to add more customers, operations managers question whether the additional volume can be accommodated in the current building.

Having an inefficient warehouse layout impacts resources and creates a detriment to growing a bakery business. Location Manager by Pcdata helps to optimize the use of floor space and reduces walking distances.

Distrib Location Manager:

  • is an additional module for Distrib that dynamically optimizes the warehouse layout based on actual volumes to be dispatched. Many customers save costs for warehouse extensions or even new Distribution Centers, when implementing this software in the current environment.
  • can automatically adjust storage size (width and depth) per customer location in such a way that space utilization is greater than 95%. On delivery days with less volume or fewer customers this space optimization feature reduces walking distances or floor usage and labor costs accordingly.
  • also features the ability to deploy dynamic route planning systems as an integrated solution with the Distrib WMS.
location manager