Track and Trace

Close the loop: Automatic Proof of Delivery

100% validation of your product deliveries

With the increasing demand for suppliers to replenish stores outside regular store hours, the ability to check these product deliveries at stores decreases. Most customers don’t want to make staff available to check product deliveries outside regular store hours. Suppliers on the other hand want to ensure that all filled orders are delivered in full and at the correct location.

Pcdata’s Proof of Delivery (POD) application enables 100% proof of delivery for goods at specific customer locations without the need for customer staff to be available at site during delivery.

POD is an extension to Pcdata’s Dock Manager application. Dock Manager controls and registers the proper loading of vehicles, POD will check and control the unloading of product at the destination. POD will check what and how much to unload and will verify the unload location.

In addition, both operator and supervisor will be alerted when product is unloaded incorrectly or is left on the trailer where it should be offloaded.

POD integrates with Distrib and Dock Manager, is very simple and straightforward to deploy and does not need any additional WAN or LAN infrastructure at the delivery locations.

In order for bakers to follow the Safe Quality Food Program Certification, bakers need to know exactly which products have been delivered at a specific locations. A system like Proof of Delivery is critical for this purpose.


  • Deliveries are validated through barcode scan at drop
  • Each scan is validated against delivery information in the system
  • The system alerts when an incorrect stack is unloaded or product is missing
  • PDA based software suite, 100% compatible with other Distrib modules


  • Full delivery details; amount, SKUs timestamp
  • Prevents delivery mistakes
  • Track and trace orders to delivery
  • Full reconciliation of product shipped versus product delivered
  • Automatic ETA delivery notification to customer through ASN, EDI or Email
  • Eliminates ‘Unaccounted For’

Pcdata’s Proof of Delivery closes the loop for your tracking and tracing from production until the delivery at your customer with Distib WMS

Brochure Proof of Delivery: