Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Flexible Fulfillment Omni-channel Innovation and Technology

The functionality needed to ensure the right product gets shipped to the right customers, at the right time, is the lifeline of 3PLs. 3PL businesses are fluid, fast-paced, ever-changing and dynamic.

Pcdata is unique to provide 3PL companies solutions that can handle variety and change without compromising quality control. Reasons to use Pcdata’s solutions:

  • solves the rapid growth challenges of 3PLs,
  • technology adapts to the influx 3PLs experience from a variety of clients and seasonality,
  • allows 3PLs to accurately process orders within clients’ designated lead time, fulfilling customer commitments,
  • ensures 3PLs quality, flexibility and ease of use. As these are the critical metrics by which all Pcdata solutions are measured,
  • Pick-to-Light has demonstrated proof that its solutions are the easiest technologies for 3PL operators to learn,
  • Pick-to-Light is most accurate and fastest order fulfillment technology available,
  • Pick-to-Light has overcome other provider drawbacks, such as flexibility to adjust to changing operational needs. Pcdata’s Pick-to-Light is scalable and perfectly suited to 3PLs,
  • our newest product line including PickCart is designed for 3PLs and is among the most flexible and easy to configure available today,
  • our solutions operationalize order fulfilment, track easily and are cost effective for 3PLs.


3PLs Apreciate Flexibility

Both hardware and software that make up Pcdata’s Order Picking and Order Tracking solutions are designed for 3PLs. Reasons to use Pcdata:

  • Pcdata’s solutions are easy for the installer, IT team and the operator,
  • the proprietary ‘click ‘n go’ hardware because it is incredible easy to install and requires minimal tooling,
  • the operationalizing of a sizeable order pick installation, which takes a matter of days, not weeks or months,
  • the ability to configure the Window-based software in just minutes, rather than days or weeks,
  • the easy integration of Pcdata technology in their existing IT infrastructure.

Some of the Pcdata solutions are very suitable for 3PL’s

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