Automated loading validation

Dock Manager controls truckloading reducing “Unaccounted for”

Control your loading process

Dock Manager gives you complete control over the loading docks, no matter the amount of activity going on, or number of trucks being loaded at the same time reducing “Unaccounted for”.

The software at the heart of the Dock Manager application is intuitively easy to use. The main screen provides At-a-Glance door and loading progress status.

The intuitively easy to navigate user interface makes assigning door destination(s) a matter of a simple few clicks. In case the wrong door destination is being used, a loud signal will sound. A load manifest is generated automatically when a truck is dispatched.

Be up to date of what was loaded and shipped and stay in control throughout with Pcdata’s Dock Manager. Dock Manager automatically registers and controls truck loading. Load manifests are generated automatically and 100% accurate.


  • Scan of all products loaded into trucks
  • Each scan validated against delivery confirmation in system
  • Instant audio visual feedback on (in) correctness of product load
  • Loading details; amount, SKUs, timestamp
  • 100% compatible with other Distrib modules


  • Full traceability of product / orders loaded and shipped
  • Prevents truck loading mistakes
  • Automatic, accurate load manifest generation
  • Full reconciliation of products dispatched versus product loaded
  • Track and trace product to truck dispatch
Truck Loading / Route Management Reducing "Unaccounted for"

Brochure Dock Manager: