OEM Hardware

Pcdata Hardware

Pcdata’s unique hardware is not only used for our own Pick and Put to Light solutions but can also easily be integrated with your existing systems and connected to your own software.

Main Pcdata OEM hardware parts;


DIS 6 display


Pcdataʼs DIS6 display is a compact, bright display specifically designed for Pick- or Put to Light applications. Pcdataʼs display systems are proven to be extremely efficient methods of providing paperless picking or putting instructions.

Not only does it display all necessary information to warehouse personnel that are handling goods clearly and brightly, it also provides the means to make adjustments or communicate actions back to the host system.

The display can easily be clicked to any location on the mounting rail. The mounting rail that also holds the power and communications cable. By using piercing pins the display connects to the cable. The cable runs from the power and data device (PDM10B or PowerCom) to all displays: No other devices or connectors are needed. This makes installation and configuration of the system extremely easy and flexible to change.

The DIS6 has four alpha numeric positions to show the amounts to be picked or put away. The ability to display a letter, additional information distinction can be made between single unit picks or whole container (whole pack, box or basket).

The large, bright and highly visible pick indicator button, doubles as confirmation push button, and can light up in any color desirable. When lit it immediately draws attention so the right location is found right away. The push button has a long lifespan, is ergonomic and is easily pushed when working at a high speed.

The display has five function keys with a back light. These can be configured for various functions, such as reducing picks or finalizing the zone pick during picking, or, if not needed, left dormant. The display is easily and simply cleaned with a moist cloth.

The hardware address is easily configurable. The address can be equal to the logical location number. The push button is used to store the address that is sent by the configuration software.

DIS 6 Pick to Light display

B6 display

B6 Pcdata’s Multi-colour push button

Pcdata’s B6 button is a multi-colour push-button with location light that is well suited for serveral Put & Pick to Light applications. Pcdata’s display systems are proven methods of efficient paperless picking products in various applications. It can show all necessary information to warehouse personnel that are handling goods. It fits to a mounting rail that also holds the cable for power and communication.
B6 can be placed easy to any location on the mounting rail. By using piercing pins the display connects to the cable. The cable runs in one piece from the power and data device (PDM10) to all displays: No other devices or connectors are used. This makes the system easy to understand and install.
The large push-button has a multi-colour light with high visibility. When it is on, it draws immediate attention so the right location is found without delay. The push-button has a high life time, is ergonomic and easy pushed when working at high speed.
Because the front side has no gaps or openings, the button doesn’t get smudged easy and it can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
Because the hardware address is configurable, the configuration is easy: The address can be equal to the logical location number. The push-button is used to store the address that is send by the configuration software.


  • Small multi-colour pushbutton
  • easy and flexible installation by using piercing contacts
  • innovative and compact design
  • high visibility location light with integrated push-button
  • compatible with Pcdata display protocol
  • high quality materials for excellent performance and long lifetime
  • good visibility in various environments
  • attractive styling to compliment every system environment
Pcdata B6 button only display
B6 mutli-colour push button for Put & Pick to Light applications

DISM2K display

The DISM2K is Pcdata’s high tech proprietary LED Multifunctional display

DISM2K has been developed with flexibility in mind. The display is 50% brighter, more energy efficient. The software allows for more program possibilities, more characters can be used and more color combinations are available.

Scrolling text allows for more and clearer communication with operators.

The DISM2K is also backward compatible with existing hardware and Distrib software versions. Combining a few displays into one larger display is also possible.

The DISM2K display is flexible in use, simple to configure and read, smart.

  • Flexible, customizable multicolor LED display with increased resolution over previous DIS5 display
  • Can be programmed to show both graphics and alpha numeric characters
  • Scalable font allowing use of lower and uppercase letters
  • A progress bar shows dispatch progress by location, street and number of products left to complete order
  • Display is backwards compatible with existing infrastructure
  • Scrolling of additional information possible
  • Possible to show loading instructions i.e.: Door number or loading time
  • Additional dispatch instructions: ‘stack only 10 high, ‘Use orange crates’, ‘add labels’.
  • Easy to combine multiple displays to 1 larger display to show unlimited information

Brochure DISM2K:

PDM 10 controller

PDM10 Interfacing module

The PDM10 is pcdata’s compact power supply and data interface for distrib systems. It is the link between a server in a TCP/IP network and pcdata’s logistic displays. Instructions from the server are converted and sent to the connected displays and vice versa.

It has a universal AC input range and 24V DC output to power the display system. It can support up to 50 put-displays or 200 pick-displays.

Because it can be mounted onto the display rail, it is easy and quick to install. It enables both primary and secondary cabling to be very short. This leads to minimal installation time and material and limits the voltage drop in the DC-line. For the most common connections standard connector assemblies are available.

It has indication lights for power, network (link and activity), and serial data activity. This is most useful to check most important functions and detect possible problems.

When the PDM10 is installed onto the display rail it can be accessed without a problem. It can be removed from its bracket without the use of any tool. Since all connectors are on the outside the PDM10 can be exchanged by any personnel available. This makes the PDM10 an excellent serviceable part of any display system.

pick to light

Brochure PDM10:

DT15 workstation

DT15 Workstation

The DT15 is pcdata’s latest touch screen workstation. The coated aluminum housing is durable and stylish, allowing the workstation to be used in a broad variety of situations and ambient conditions. The processor is cooled via direct contact to the aluminum housing. Because the DT15 has no fan, there is no risk of components being polluted, while maintaining great heat resistance as a result. The solid state disk has no moving parts and is extremely fast.

The DT15 gets its name from the extremely bright 15” TFT display, which
has wide viewing angles. This makes the screen perfect readable in the most challenging lighting conditions. The available variety of mounting options, make the DT15 easy to install in most environments. It can be mounted to the floor or wall or be placed on a desk. The DT15 comes with resistive touch screen and a full function keyboard to operate the applications. When floor or wall mounting is used, the keyboard is supported by a special keyboard bracket. Selected to be used as a thin client connected to a central server, the
DT15 can be equipped with a full function operating system to be used as standalone or network computer. As a thin client however, this has the advantage that all important  nformation and transactions are executed, stored and protected in a central server environment, typically with backup. A power adapter with universal AC input is included and is placed inside the main bracket. All connecting cables lead through the supporting tube. Because the back cover can be removed when the DT15 is mounted, the connections on the back have easy access for installation. The compact and black coated DT15 is designed to blend in its environment, yet remains striking by its styling.

Brochure DT15: