Paperless Dispatch

Distrib Put to Light

Efficient order picking for fresh bakeries!

Distrib Put to Light is Pcdata’s paperless dispatch order fulfillment  system specifically developed for wholesale bakeries. Distrib Put to Light replaces traditional paper-based order filling systems to capture customer and order data, necessary to correctly order, load and ship product to customers.

The amount of product required for each order is shown on LED displays, which are installed above an area assigned to each individual customer.

With more than 25 years of experience and with more than 1000 installations worldwide our put to light systems have evolved and matured. We offer countless solutions for many different warehouse environments, scenarios, and distribution models.


  • Paperless operation; Employees have freedom of movement because of paperless sorting and dispatching of goods.
  • Maximized accuracy; Dispatch errors caused by reading mistakes are eliminated, resulting in a reduction of the number of repeat deliveries and creation of accurate delivery notes.
  • Real-time recording; Dispatch activities are controlled and recorded in the system and all changes are automatically captured
  • Efficiency improvements; The biggest efficiency improvements can be expected in a time critical environment or where customer orders are placed multiple times per day. High productivity is achieved because of less errors and a quicker and more structured way of working. If products are produced, picked and shipped for the same load carrier, this method has speed advantages over Pick-to-Light.
  • Maximize customer satisfaction; Distrib Put-to-Light can recalculate the orders based on real time information to optimize order fulfillment and maximize customer satisfaction. Also when product availability is not known beforehand or does not exactly match the customer requirements.
  • Short payback period; Because less space is required and personnel is working more efficient, it shows that companies using Distrib Put-to-Light experience a payback period shorter than 12 months.

Alternative picking technologies instead of Put to Light for Paperless Dispatch:

Pick to Light

Distrib Pick to Light is Pcdata’s solution for bakeries that pick orders on a highly detailed level, for a large range of (customer) delivery points and with restricted number of SKU. In comparison to our Distrib Put to Light solution, in this picking variant product is static and the customer order is moved past the product locations, with display units mounted on each of the product positions to aid the operators in their picking process.

Typically, the product locations will be split up in multiple zones, enabling multiple pickers to work simultaneously, completing various customer orders in sequence based on an estafette process. Once all products are available from production and product locations are filled, the picking process can be started.

After starting, a customer pick order will light up the displays on each of the required product locations in the first picking zone. The operator is further assisted by a zone-display which shows relevant information about the order to pick, such as customer (order) number, route number, number of pick locations to visit and number of baskets and/or units to pick. These numbers will decrement for each confirmed pick, showing real-time progress for each operator in his zone.

Each customer order will be marked with one or more customer identification slips (or stack labels) for identification purposes and as the customer order is passing by the product locations, the order is fulfilled gradually. After confirming the last product pick for a customer, various processes for quality checking, printing of delivery notes, crate counting can be started, after which the finished customer order can either be staged or loaded directly.

The Distrib Pick to Light solution is mainly suitable in environments, where route departure times allow for a sequential completion of customer orders. By deploying the Distrib Pick to Light solution, foot print for the Picking system can be reduced to a bare minimum. Furthermore, the system enables bakeries to grow their customer portfolio or shipped volumes without having to expand the system.