Turano Nevada Baking


"Pcdata took a very vague concept and made it into a very strong and reliable solution."

Born in Calabria, Italy, Mariano Turano moved to America settling in Chicago where he started delivering his freshly baked bread door to door.

 In 1994 a second plant was opened in Bolingbrook IL, followed by more bakeries in Villa Rica, GA and Orlando, FL in 2009. With these plants Turano delivers fresh bread daily and supports many national chain operators. Turano also services the entire USA with frozen, par-baked and fully baked bread products. Now it was time to expand to the western USA. “We were looking west of The Rockies,” said Anthony Turano. “Southern Nevada made the most sense from economic and logistical standpoints.” The groundbreaking for a 125,000-square-foot building in Henderson, NV took place in March 2017.

Turano Nevada Baking is a regional wholesale bakery for the southwest US. From Henderson, Turano distributes across the west. The distribution model of the Henderson plant brought Pcdata into the game.

Our distributors arrive at all hours of the day. We wanted to make it very simple for the drivers to identify which door to use, so that they don’t have to stop, they don’t have to leave their truck”, says Anthony Turano.

With this idea Turano contacted various suppliers. Pcdata responded quickly and offered a new solution based on their new DISM2K display technology. Shortly after a full concept was developed together. Pcdata delivered 25×25″ waterproof multicolor matrix displays which are mounted outside next to the loading doors. Here various in­ formation such as route and pick-up time is displayed. Inside, Pcdata’ s MD16S dis­ plays are used at each door to show the actual route being loaded.

Anthony Turano: “It’ s a very straight for­ward program. For example, the drivers can just look and see directly which door they need to take the trailer from. Also, it’s linked with displays inside the dock, so that there is less confusion about which truck am I supposed to be loading. As a result, the load is always correct and the driver knows which truck to take. This wat we can manage all this information directly from the office.

Asked about their experience with Pcdata; This was an opportunity to try something new with Pcdata. Pcdata took a very vague concept and made it into a very strong and reliable solution! Now we have a good relationship and the experience with Pcdata gives us more comfort with our next projects.