"Pcdata is easier to use"

The history of the Mangold bakery dates back to 1850. In Hörbranz, Michael Aschenbrenner laid the foundation for the success story that continues to this day. Monika, b. Mangold and Egon Haag took over the business in the fifth generation with 70 employees in the year 2000. In the same year the move to Wolfurt took place, where a former textile factory was converted into a modern bakery.

In order to become as independent as possible, the expansion of the company’s own branch network was stepped up in parallel to the existing turnover with the retail business. The concept worked, the retail turnover was gradually reduced and today the company Mangold has more than 30 branches all over Vorarlberg.

With the growing number of branches and increasing sales, it was clear that this can not be achieved in the long term at the Wolfurt site. The search for a larger location led to the opening of the new headquarter in Dornbirn’s industrial area in 2018. From here, around 90 employees supply the current 33 branches and selected customers with fresh baked goods every day.

Already at the old location in Wolfurt an electronic dispatching system from another provider was used. Since the advantages of such a picking system could not be dispensed with in the new building, the best possible solution was also sought here. After a detailed analysis of the eligible providers, the choice fell on Pcdata, because “the price-performance ratio is just right here,” says  administrative director Sebastian Fröhlich.

At the end of 2018, Pcdata’s paperless picking system was installed. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the move, the service of Pcdata at Mangold also convinced: “The installation worked really well, the Pcdata technician reacted very flexibly and did a lot more for us than actually planned!” recalls Sebastian Fröhlich. The experience with the Pcdata hotline is “great, but we never really need it”.

The Pcdata system is currently active in several shipping areas. The main shipping department dispatches bread, rolls and pastries from a workstation over 40 displays. In addition, snacks and other products are picked via a further workstation in a cold storage cell at +4 to +7 degrees, also via 40 displays. The new multifunctional DisM2K displays, which are designed for use in different environments, work in both areas. In addition to the customer name and the picking quantities, Mangold also uses the progress bar on the displays. This graphically shows what percentage of the order has already been completed for this customer.

If you refer to the employees in the dispatch about the system after more than 10 years’ experience with another system , they are full of praise. The biggest difference according the deputy shipping manager Özkan Cüneyd is “that the Pcdata system is easier for us to use. An example of this, with just one touch of a button, I can change the shipping quantities of the branches!”. In addition to its ease of use, it also highlights the additional features such as integrated stock management. “In the old system we had to count with a piece of paper by hand, today we book. e.g. coffee into the warehouse and with every distribution, the inventory is automatically updated, which is much easier. “